Another successful year for the show. Exhibit numbers were down on last year. Didn't stop loads of afternoon visitors admiring the splendid displays. Here are the organisers (minus Christine, behind the camera) with the Mayor opening the show to the public at 1.00pm.

There's a table of winners below. Also graphs about this year's show compared to previous years. Further down you'll find access to more information and some images. As promised, we made a donation to OXFAM's Plant an Allotment Scheme from the contributions made by sponsors and visitors.

Finally, there would be no show at all without the valued support of our sponsors. Please support the businesses who supported us. There's a link to our list of sponsors below.

Click any of the icons below to access more information.

And finally, a few images from this year's show.

Here's the small team that organises the show... where's Matthew? He was missing in last year's snap as well!

Managers from Waitrose judge the 'Invent your own historical recipe' class. Just tucking in to the winning entry.

All getting serious in one of the biggest sections, the home made jam.

What a fantastic mix of colours in this winning entry for the collection of vegetables class

Another colourful mix for the collection of fruit. Just begging to be the subject of a painting.

Don't just admire... buy! Another fabulous display of plants for sale by Robin.

As soon as the doors open to the public there's a fair old jostle as admirers squeeze in to see the wonderful displays.

And a well deserved Best in Show award and The Holmes Trophy to Giuseppe Videtta.


  1. ask judges to put comments on entry cards. Exhibiters and viewers like to read what judges thought

    1. Thanks for the suggestion and that's added to the list of possible changes.

      Generally judges only add comments to an exhibit card if they have something of note to say. Might be good if we encouraged more comments, though it would be hard for them to make a comment on every exhibit card, and the judging might take 'til the following week as well ~;0)